Tapra Talkies

(Khajuraho International Film Festival)

Tapra Talkies

Tapra Talkies is one of the biggest attractions of KIFF. Many decades ago such talkies used to be in every medium and small town. Made with bamboos and tarpaulin, these tapra talkies are small and are used to screen films on a smaller level.

Earlier when there were no multiplexes or movie theatres, people used to watch movies or cinemas in the Tapra Talkies. They would set up tents and screen movies for the people.

Notably, KIFF is the only film festival in the country where local films are screened in Tapra Talkies. Tapra talkies are set up in and around Khajuraho to screen films for local audiences. The films included an interesting mix of old, new, local, and international. These talkies are also used to promote the Bundelkhand films.

The vision behind Tapra Talkies is to bring cinema to small towns and villages, hence, creating an ecosystem that benefits once and all.