The venue of the Khajuraho Films Festival is mentioned on the website.

KIFF screens under various categories- Short Films, Feature Films, Social Cause Films, Foreign Films, Films Promoting state of Madhya Pradesh. First Time FilmMakers.

There would be a total of 150 Films combining all categories.

Please check the website for all the details.

The Film Screening time is from 10 am to 5 pm from 16th December to 22nd December.

NO. The Jury will decide on the Films, Categories and Awards.

Awards are announced on the last day of the festival. And the awards will be presented at the Gala Evening.

Khajuraho has plenty of hotels ranging from INR 1500 to INR10000. You need to book online or get assistance from our Travel Desk. For details of Travel desk please refer the Website.

Weather in Khajuraho is pleasant in winter. The temperature is from 10 degree Celsius  to 18 Degree Celsius.

People travelling from various cities need to check the Road Transport. The nearest Railway station is Khajuraho and nearest Airport is Khajuraho.

Parking is available at the venue of the screening and it is free.

Register Online and collect your pass from the Venue Desk.

The festival is open for all for viewing. But, the workshops are paid. Check Website for further details.

Online anytime. Offline from the day of the festival, 16th December to 22nd December.

You can register through website or Keep a track of Khajuraho International Film Festival Instagram Link.

A Volunteer would be engaged for the full festival and will be deployed in various fields, Marketing, Logistics, Sponsorships, Photography. Videography, Guest Attendant, Services, Media associates, Security etc.

There is a Press briefing before the Festival and after the Festival. There are few one to one interviews with Filmmakers and Stars of the Films.

The deadline is by 5th December 2023.

All Films are showcased on the LED screen Installed at various Tapra Talkies
(A specially made makeshift Theater with complete Sound, Screen and Sitting Arrangements) You need to submit the trailer link on the email with complete details of cast crew and unit with letter of undertaking that the films do not have any offensive use of language, hurting sentiments, adultery. Post selection you have to submit the Film in a pendrive ( Two Sets / Copies ).
Format submission has to be in .MP4.