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Authorization Letter In Favor Of Khajuraho International Film Festival ( 9th Edition )
1. I/We have no objection for screening of this film for Jury or any of their panels, for non-commercial public shows of the film as part of promotion of quality Indian cinema within India and abroad in festivals by the Khajuraho International Film Festival in any format ( print or digital) as well as promotion of the film through the use of film stills/posters and trailers/ visual clips.
2. I/we also ensure that this no objection for the Khajuraho International Film Festival will remain valid notwithstanding any rights assigned by me/ us to any other individual/ organization for screening the film in any territory on commercial/ non-commercial basis in future.
3. I/We have gone through the Khajuraho International Film Festival Awards Regulations and accept these regulations.
4. I/We agree to abide by the decision of Khajuraho International Film Festival as final and binding no appeal or correspondence regarding their decision shall be made by me/us.
5. I/We certify that the film entered is NOT a dubbed/revised/copied version of a film.
6. I/We certify that the footage acquired for the film has proper permissions and due credits have been given in the film.
7. I/We certify that the musical score used is original.
8. I also certify that the film in no way violates any provisions of the Indian copyright Act,1957.
9. I/We hereby declare that the information provided is true to the best of my/our knowledge and corresponds with the credit titles of the film.
10. I/we also understand that the KIFF has the right to reject any entry, at any stage, if the information entered in this form is found to be incomplete or incorrect.
11. I/We understand that the Fee is Non- Refundable. Filmmakers can send multiple entries with separate entry forms and fees. Fee for Filmmakers: 1000 INR per entry & Fee for Students: 500 INR per entry.
After scanning, mention your name, name of film and address. Send us a screen shot via mail